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Welcome to my mini NextStep 3.3 archive. A few month ago I bought a used NextStation. All binaries here are compiled on this machine running NextStep 3.3.  In addition I also provide binaries for Intel based machines running NextStep 3.3 and HPPA running NextStep 3.2. To install the binaries create  /usr/local. After you have downloaded an archive move it to /usr/local and uncompress it using the following command:

gzip -dc <filename.tar.gz> | tar xvf - 

In some cases the command above creates an single directory which includes the bin, etc, man, lib sub directories. In this case move the content from  the newly created directory to /usr/local. Also check always the "documentation" because some rather large distributions require an extra directory to work.

Currently I do not provide any sources due to limited disk space and the fact that most of the problems where fixed in the "quick & dirty" way without using any #ifdefs in the sources. But if you are really desperate drop me a note and I will send you the modified source trees. I haven't had the time to run excessive tests using  the software provided below. Please let me know if you encounter any problems (including a detailed description). Currently not all software I'm running is available from my site. If you find a "cross" without a link, please let me know and I will make the software available for download. 

I've also assembled a little document (NextStep 3.3-Intel on Virtual PC 4.2 Installation) how nextstep 3.3 can be installed under Virtual PC 4.2. 

GNU-Binaries and other precompiled software for NextStep 3.3 on m68k, intel, sparc & hppa  
Entry Added   M I S H F R


17th May 2002 amaya6.1         X   Amaya 6.1, compiled under NextStep 3.3 Sparc, tested only on SPARC
16th Feb 2002 amaya5.3 X     X      
8th Apr 2002 automake-1.6   x          
16th Feb 2002 bc-1.06 X X   X      
1st Mar 2002 bison-1.33 X X   X      
8th Apr 2002 bzip2-1.0.2   x          
1st Mar 2002 fileutils-4.1 X X X X     fileutils version 4.1
9th Mar 2002 flex-2.5.4a X X   X      
8th Apr 2002 gawk   X          
24th Feb 2002 gettext-0.11   X   X     (quite complicated to compile on NS3.2 for HPPA)
20th Apr  2002 ghostscript-7.0.4 X X         You have to download the fonts from the gs home page.
8th Apr 2002 glib-1.2.10 X x          
3rd Mar 2002 gperf-2.7.2              
8th Apr 2002 gtk+-1.2.810 X x          
20th Apr  2002 jpeg-6b X X          
1st Mar 2002 lesstif-0.93.18 X X   X     Replacement for Motif2.0 including libraries and header files, compiled using CubX includes and libraries (/usr/X11R6). The libXm is slightly modified and includes now "getcwd()", otherwise the gnu configure scripts fail if the Motif libraries are needed by an application (the linker does not find getcwd). uil is not included in this binary distribution (no time to fix missing getopt functions).
24th Feb 2002 libiconv-1.7 X X   X      
10th Mar 2002 libpng-1.2.1 X X          
2nd Mar 2002 lynx-2.8.4 X X   X      
8th Apr 2002 m4              
1st Mar 2002 make-3.79.1 X X X X     gnu make version 3.79.1
16th Mar 2002 openssh-3.1p1 X X   X     linked with zlib-1.1.4
16th Feb 2002 openssl-0.9.6c X X   X      
1st Mar 2002 pcre-3.9 X x          
24th Feb 2002 sed-3.02 X X   X      
8th Apr 2002 screen-3.9.11   X          
1st Mar 2002 sh-utils-2.0   X X X      
3rd Mar 2002 tar-1.13 X     X      
9th Mar 2002 texinfo-4.1 X            
8th Apr 2002 textutils-2.0   x          
24th Feb 2002 uname X X         very helpful shell script in order to compile your own software, used by configure scripts. 
16th Feb 2002 vim 6.0 / 6.1 X X   X   X See my vim page.
  wget-1.8.1 X X X X      
16th Mar 2002 zlib-1.1.4 X X   X      

*M=Motorola m68k, I=Intel x86, S=SPARC, H=HPPA, F=Fat Binary, R=README (for all platforms), x=work in progress


Useful source files  
1st Mar 2002 getcwd.c   source code for getcwd()
1st Mar 2002 putenv.c   source code for putenv()
1st Mar 2002 snprintf_2.2.tar   source code for snprintf
1st Mar 2002 setenv.c   source code for setenv()
1st Mar 2002 strcoll()   can be replaced with strcmp(), no source necessary
9th Mar 2002 strdup.c   source code for strdup()
1st Mar 2002 tempnam.c   source code for tempnam()
1st Mar 2002 tempname.c   source code for tempname()


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