A/UX Binary Archive

Welcome to my mini archive ("nicsbox") which includes some precompiled binaries for the ancient Apple A/UX. All binaries are compiled on a Mac IIfx running Apple UX 3.0.1 with 32MB RAM and a one gig hard drive. To install the binaries you have to create a directory under /usr/local/gnu. After you have downloaded an archive move it to /usr/local/gnu and uncompress it using the following command:

gzip -dc <filename.tar.gz> | tar xvfmo - 

In some cases the command above creates an single directory which includes the bin, etc, man, lib directories. In this case move the content of the newly created directory to /usr/local/gnu. Also check always the "documentation" because some rather large distributions require an extra directory to work (eg. gcc281 has to be installed under /usr/local/gnu/gcc281).

If you do not have gzip you can download a precompiled and non-compressed version using this link. Currently I do not provide any sources due to limited disk space and the fact that most of the problems where fixed in the "quick & dirty" way without using any #ifdefs in the sources. But if you are really desperate drop me a note and I will send you the modified source trees. I haven't had the time to run excessive tests using  the software provided below. Please let me know if you encounter any problems (including a detailed description). 

Purpose of the following binaries is not to replace jagubox instead the binaries listed here are more recent versions compared to the stuff which can be found in the jagubox-archives. Several packets have dependencies on other precompiled software (eg. ImageMagic needs gs for reading and writing ps files).

I'm also binary maintainer of the A/UX version of the vim editor. For more information on the A/UX precompiled packages check my vim page. For more information on vim in general, check http://www.vim.org

I got reports from some users that some of the packages are not working under A/UX 3.1.  If you encounter any problems please let me know, this helps me to keep the page up to date! Also let me know if a binary is running on your system and send me the configuration you are using.

Update 26/10/02: I got some information regarding the stability of various tools under A/UX3.1 (thanks Georges).

GNU-Binaries and other precompiled software for A/UX 3.0.1:  
    3.0.1 3.1.x  
08th Apr 2001 Amaya-4.3.2     Binaries for the Amaya-Webbrowser. I haven't had the time to do a lot of testing but it worked with the EBay-Website and W3C.
25th Mar 2001 apache-1.3.19   crash Make sure that hostname and domainname are set (check /etc/HOSTNAME) otherwise httpd will core dump in gethostbyname/qsort. Took me half a day to find out. Standard installation path is /usr/local/apache.
binutils-2.10.1   ok Be careful when using the linker ld because it can't cope with the Apple UX libraries. If you are running gcc281 (see below) the gnu-ld and gnu-as are required (and included in the gcc distribution). 
bison-1.28   ok
fileutils-4.0   ok
flex-2.5.4   ok
06th Apr 2001 fvwm95-2      
gawk-3.0.6   ok
gcc-2.8.1   crash gnu gcc for A/UX including g++ and additional libraries (libstdc++, build for use with gnu-ld and gnu-as which are included in this distribution)
work in progress gcc-2.95.3      
06th Apr 2001 glib-1.2.8      
grep-2.4.2   ok
gs-5.50     Ghostscript 5.0, only precompiled binaries are provided. You need also the fonts which are available from ftp.gnu.org or one of the mirrors.
06th Apr 2001 gtk+-1.2.8      
gzip-1.2.4a   ok Full gzip-distribution including manuals, if you need an uncompressed version, get it from here.
30th Mar 2001 ImageMagic-5.3.0      
13th Mar 2002 gnu install      
jpeg-6b     Library needed for gs (and other software)
30th Mar 2001 lesstif-0.92.6     Replacement for Motif2.0 including libraries and header files, compiled for /usr/X11R6. Please note that I'm using my own compiled static X11R6 libraries. If you have problems while using this lesstif-distribution please let me know and I will make my R6 stuff available.
06th Apr 2001 libiconv-1.6.1      
libpng-1.0.2     Library needed for gs (and other software)
libz-1.1.3     Library needed for gs (and other software)
11th June 2002 libUTIL.a      
lynx-2.8.3.rel1   ok
m4-1.4   ok
make-3.79   ok
31st Mar 2001 Mesa-3.4.1     OpenGL Repleacement compiled for use with X11R6.
30th Mar 2001 mxgdb-1.2     Motif based front end for gdb.
06th Apr 2001 pango-0.14      
30th Mar 2001 patch-2.5.4   crash  
25th Mar 2001 perl-5.6.0   crash  
06th Apr 2001 pkg-config-0.5.0      
30th Mar 2001 regex-0.12      
23rd Feb 2002 samba-2.9.7     (not sure if this is really working, it compiles but I haven't had the time to test)
sed-3.02   ok It seems to be that the gnu sed has sometimes some probles with the "s" command. If you encounter error messages switch back to the A/UX sed.
6th May 2001 ssh-2.4.0   crash Please note that installation is different from the other packages on this page. You need gnu install and gnu make. Unpack the distribution and run (as root) make install from the newly created directory. 
tar-1.13   ok
17th Apr 2001 tcltk-8.3.2    

tcl 8.3.2 and tk 8.3.2 precompiled binaries

teTeX-1.0.7     Precompiled version of teTeX-1.0.7. This version does not include the pdftex (an related stuff) because I do not have a working c++ compiler. It seems to be that there is a problem with "strip" and some binaries (floating point exception). Because of that fact not all binaries are stripped (namely xdvi.bin and the mktexpk command). Please let me know if you encounter any problems. It is also recommended that you download the precompiled version of ghostscript (see above).
10th Jun 2001 tiff-v3.5.6-beta     tiff library needed for several X11 related software
31rd Mar 2001 vim   crash See my vim page.
wget-1.6   ok

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