how to compile your own software

Compiling your own stuff:  

libUTIL This library includes some functions which are missing under A/UX (memmove, etc). Needed for almost every application. It's a good idea to modify your spec file for gcc to include this library during the link stage. To do so you have to modify  /usr/local/gnu/gcc281/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-apple-aux3.0.1/2.8.1/specs assuming you are using gcc281 from the library above. Look for the line *libgcc: and change the line below from "-lgcc" to "-lgcc -lUTIL".
Compiler Options Make sure that the "-g" option is switched off. The debugging options produces objects files which are 10-100 times bigger than the optimized versions. This will usually result in an "out of memory" message from the linker. "-g" is the standard option used by the gnu configure scripts! Use something like 'CFLAGS="-O" ./configure <other options>'
/bin/sh vs. /bin/ksh The standard /bin/sh which comes with A/UX is broken and causes the confiure scripts to terminate. As a simple workaround replace /bin/sh with /bin/ksh in the configure scripts.


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