Darkstone Patches, Quests and Utilities

I found it rather difficult to find tools and quests which are related to Darkstone. For that reason I put all files and information I was able to find on the web page. Feel free to contact me if you habe additional sources or files.

  dsbackup.zip Backup and Restore tool for Darkstone characters
  ds_editor.zip Editor/Trainer for Darkstone v1.03 (US)
  dslooker.zip (from the README)
You have reinstalled Windows, and are now wondering what lovely name you have given to your computer last time ?
You now realize with horror that you have lost all your DarkStone save games ? Don't bother anymore, DSLooker will help you...Simply put the DSLooker.exe file in the directory you like, open an MSDOS window, step to the DSLooker directory, then launch it ! DSLooker will scan all your DarkStone saved games and give you the name
of the computer that has been stored within. Just reuse that name for your new installation (Config Pannel/Network/Identification). If you really want to keep your brand new computer name, use the "-u" option.
It will update all your saved games with the current computer name.
Khelb (khelburn@wanadoo.fr).
  dsmoney.zip Darkstone Money Trainer (Version 1.0)
  dstonep+52.zip Another Trainer for Darkstone
  dstrn65.zip Yet another trainer for Darkstone
  dsweaponedt.zip Weapon Editor for Darkstone 1.05B
  coc.zip Corners Of Chaos
  darkstonequest.zip Adults Only Quest
  Evilkeepers.zip Evilskeeper
  Journey In Uma.zip Journey in Uma
  SV1.33.zip Smoogz Ville 
  The Graveyard.zip The Graveyard