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On the following pages you will find extensive information about IP-Multicast and related technologies. The main goal is to provide an up to date information source for all topics which are related to IP-Multicast. If you are looking for a (very short) introduction about IP-Multicast please use this mini primer. IP-Multicast is an extension to IP which supports the delivery of identical data to an arbitrary number of receivers without sending the data to any individual receiver. Instead the packet is only send once and duplicated within the network as needed. This allows highly scalable broadcast services like the transmission of TV and Audio streams over the internet. 

Standardization of IP-Multicast is done by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which has a number of working groups working on IP-Multicast related topics. I'm monitoring the work of the IETF continuously and I'm updating my IETF pages every week at least once. I keep local copies of all drafts including outdate and obsolete drafts! If you are looking for information which is not available on the IETF pages anymore, this is the right place. 

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