A/UX Mini Archive

Welcome to my mini archive which includes some precompiled binaries for the ancient Apple A/UX. All binaries are compiled on a Mac IIfx running Apple UX 3.0.1 with 32MB RAM and a one gig hard drive. To install the binaries you have to create a directory under /usr/local/gnu. After you have downloaded an archive move it to /usr/local/gnu and uncompress it using the following command:

gzip -dc | tar xvfmo -

In some cases the command above creates a single directory which includes the bin, etc, man, lib directories. In this case move the content of the newly created directory to /usr/local/gnu. Also check always the „documentation“ because some rather large distributions require an extra directory to work (eg. gcc281 has to be installed under /usr/local/gnu/gcc281).

If you do not have gzip you can download a precompiled and non-compressed version using this link. Currently I do not provide any sources due to limited disk space and the fact that most of the problems where fixed in the „quick & dirty“ way without using any #ifdefs in the sources. But if you are really desperate drop me a note and I will send you the modified source trees. I haven’t had the time to run excessive tests using the software provided below. Please let me know if you encounter any problems (including a detailed description).

Purpose of the following binaries is not to replace jagubox instead the binaries listed here are more recent versions compared to the stuff which can be found in the jagubox-archives. Several packets have dependencies on other precompiled software (eg. ImageMagic needs gs for reading and writing ps files).

I’m also binary maintainer of the A/UX version of the vim editor. For more information on the A/UX precompiled packages check my vim page. For more information on vim in general, check http://www.vim.org

I got reports from some users that some of the packages are not working under A/UX 3.1. If you encounter any problems please let me know, this helps me to keep the page up to date! Also let me know if a binary is running on your system and send me the configuration you are using.

Update 26/10/2002: I got some information regarding the stability of various tools under A/UX3.1 (thanks Georges).