Nextstep Mini-Archive

Welcome to my mini NextStep 3.3 archive. A few years ago I bought a used NextStation (which I still own). All binaries here are compiled on this machine running NextStep 3.3 a „few“ years ago.  In addition I also provide some binaries for Intel based machines running NextStep 3.3 and HPPA running NextStep 3.2. To install the binaries you need to create  /usr/local (as root).

mkdir /usr/local

After you have downloaded an archive move it to /usr/local and uncompress it using the following command:

gzip -dc <filename.tar.gz> | tar xvf -

In some cases the command above creates an single directory which includes the bin, etc, man, lib sub directories. In this case move the content from  the newly created directory to /usr/local. Also check always the „documentation“ because some rather large distributions require an extra directory to work. 

Currently I do not provide any sources due to limited disk space and the fact that most of the problems where fixed in the „quick & dirty“ way without using any #ifdefs in the sources. But if you are really desperate drop me a note and I will send you the modified source trees. I haven’t had the time to run excessive tests using  the software provided below. Please let me know if you encounter any problems (including a detailed description). the following packages are currently available for download (use right click to download the files):